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PoolArt™ Care

TO PROLONG THE LIFE OF YOUR DROP-IN POOLART™: Remove the PoolArt™ from the pool when it is not being displayed. Store the mat properly, wipe mat dry and lie flat in a cool dry area. A dry mat can be rolled for storage. The mat should be rolled with the printed side out. AquaArt™ recommends keeping the original packaging the mat comes in for easy and safe storage.

TO CLEAN THE POOLMAT™: Remove it from the pool. Do not use abrasives to clean the mat. Only mild soap and a soft cloth should be used for cleaning.

Removing the Drop-in PoolArt™ for winterizing months will extend life of the PoolArt™. For best results store your Drop-in PoolArt™ flat. However if you need to roll the PoolArt™ for storage let it dry before rolling. The Drop-in PoolArt™ should be rolled with the printed side out.