10th May 2015

A Quick Reminder About Pool Safety

It doesn't take pool decals to make a swimming pool attractive to a curious child. Children are just naturally drawn to water. Which is why we would like to take this opportunity to remind our important clients about the need to remain vigilant around your backyard pool this summer. As the heat rises, so should our awareness of pool safety as more than 3,500 Americans die in unintentional drowning events every year. One in five of which is a child less than 14 years of age. At Aqua Art, we want to help you keep your pool area a relaxing and enjoyable space by reducing the risk surrounding it. Remember the following when poolside this season:

1. Always be Supervising. Never, ever leave children alone around a swimming pool. Accidents happen quickly and help should be immediately available should anything occur that results in injury.

2. If a child does not know how to swim, do not allow them to be in the pool area. This seems a bit harsh but it is necessary in keeping everybody safe. Every child who resides in a house with a pool needs to know how to swim and the basics of water safety.

3. Fence it in. If an adult is not able to be in the direct vicinity of the pool that pool should be behind a locked gate. Install one that is tall enough, locked and not easily climbed. And keep it locked while you are not present.

4. Be careful of pool toys in and out of the pool. Too many floating pool toys can block your view of the entire pool. Buckets outside of the pool can also pose a drowning hazard should a child fall in and not able to get out.

5. Be prepared. Know CPR and make sure that there are flotation devices within easy access of the pool.