23rd Apr 2014

Custom Swimming Pool Art for Corporate and Sponsored Events

Branding is a vitally important part of every successful business. Branding allows consumers to know who a business is and/or strives to be. Carrying the brand through every aspect of marketing is key in making sure that the message that you want your business to convey is heard loud and clear by whatever audience you are targeting.

Drop-in Event Pool Art™ helps to carry your brand message through to your event planning in a way that no other product can. Poolside events become more memorable with custom pool art that sport your business logo and brand message. Let’s face it: there is a reason that the party is being held at the pool, its where people want to be. The pool is the draw, and the centerpiece of the event, and we’re the only company with a marketing product that allows you to exclusively own that space. Long after the napkins (embossed with your logo) have been used and tossed away and the poolside umbrellas (emblazoned with your message) have been closed up and put aside, the memory of your logo on the bottom of the pool will still be recalled. No other product or marketing promotion stands out in the same way as our custom pool mats. Highly memorable, the pool art allows you to completely saturate any poolside event with your logo and brand message.

Take your event to the next level with customized swimming pool art available only through Aqua Art. We have worked with some of the world’s largest companies and look forward to working with yours.