9th Jun 2015

How to Throw a Rocking Adult Pool Party


It's early June and if you're anything like us, you've already taken a dip in your swimming pool more than a few times. And, if you're like us, you're already turning the idea of a pool party over and over in your mind. You probably have been since Memorial Day weekend and the lame barbecue over at your brother-in-law's scorching and ugly backyard. Show him up with a pool party that everyone will be talking about - one that invites all guests to be comfortable and cool - one that is kid-free. An adult pool party, though uncommon, are a summertime treat where the invitation is rarely turned down. When planning for that epic party, keep these tips in mind for a successful bash:

  • Skip the formalities - Pool parties are the ultimate in casual affairs. Simply send an email invite or create an event on your favorite social media platform and invite friends and family that way. Remind folks to bring their swimsuit. 
  • Create a theme - Though you should go easy on the decorations (you don't want balloons and streamers ending up in your pool's filter) you can create a theme with a few well-placed touches. Tiki torches, well-placed candles and even swimming pool decals can create a look that lends to the party atmosphere. Aqua Art is a great source of a wide selection of custom pool mats and pool art fit for any pool. 
  • Provide a few temptations - Adult pool parties usually require adult beverages. Keep it simple by offering one or two signature cocktails, and a selection of beers available. Encourage guests to bring their own if unsure what they like but make sure no glass is used poolside. Keep food options light and able to be handled without bulky utensils or plates.
  • Turn up the tunes- No party is complete without music. Make sure to keep your party rockin' with a wide selection of musical genres so that everybody can join in on the fun.