11th Nov 2015

Planning The Perfect Staycation

For many of us, ultimate relaxation is achieved when we’re feeling warm sun on our skin, a gentle breeze blows our hair, and we feel the gentle lap of water. We’re not talking about escaping to an exclusive island resort, however. We’re talking about the simple beauty of a staycation.

Instead of having to travel, eat disappointing and overpriced food, and get ripped off on a hotel room, stay home. A staycation is taking a vacation at home, where you never leave the comforts of home, but you get to kick back and relax. Here’s a few tips for achieving vacation nirvana at home.

  • Clean and service your pool ahead of time. A stress-free staycation starts with a pool filled with sparkling blue water, chemicals properly mixed, and debris removed.
  • To spruce up the area, spring for a custom pool mat that celebrates a special event, holiday, or just the fact that you’re not working.
  • Be sure to keep all necessities close to the pool to maximize convenience. With a towel, pool toys, or waterproof sunscreen all close at hand, there’s more time for floating around enjoying yourself.
  • Trying out fun recipes or new drinks can definitely give you a little taste of paradise. However, make sure to keep food and drinks in a shaded area to avoid spoiling.
  • Tty a little gardening and DIY landscaping ahead of time to improve your poolscape. It can be done on a budget, and a few carefully placed plants or flowers can make the area feel like heaven.