1st May 2014

Summer Events Made More Memorable with Custom Pool Art

With Summer approaching fast, the planning for summer events held out at your hotel or resort swimming pool should be started now, if not months ago. Part of every successful pool event is a great theme and being able to incorporate your company image into that theme is every marketing manager’s dream. Pool events are fun, popular and provide the perfect canvas for plenty of provocative imagery. With custom pool mats from Aqua Art, even the bottom of your pool becomes yet another canvas where you can “splash” your party theme and company image. Our swimming pool art, used by hotels, resorts, cruise ships, golf clubs and sporting venues, is highly visible, extremely easy to install and completely customizable. Our designers will help you come up with a unique design that is sure to get plenty of attention.

Each of our pool art pieces are shipped ready for placement. Just drop it in and the weight of your pool art will keep it on the bottom where it looks like an expensive installation. Highly durable, your Aqua Art custom pool mat will last for the duration of your event or can be used year after year with the proper care. Removing and cleaning the swimming pool art is also easy as you simply lift out and replace after cleaning.

Incorporate Aqua Art pool art for unique advertising, for a one-time event, or to promote your brand long-term and make a bold statement that is highly memorable and impressive.