27th Jan 2016

Swimming Pool Covers-Pros & Cons

There are two sides to owning a pool. The fun side is where you lounge in sparkling blue water, admire your custom pool mat, and make memories with friends and family. The other side is the boring, responsible side. The side where you need to skim out leaves and dead bugs, make sure you’re putting in the right chemicals and deciding what kind of swimming pool cover to get for winter protection.

But don’t worry, because today we’re going to talk about the three main kinds of swimming pool covers, and quickly go over the up and down sides.

  1. Standard winter covers usually cost between $75-$225. They’re made of a “tarp” kind of material, and they do a decent job of keeping out debris and sunlight. However, they only last a few seasons, and they don’t have the strength to support much weight.
  2. Security covers cost between $1200-$3000. They come in a solid vinyl version and a mesh version. The mesh is excellent at keeping leaves out, and it will withstand lots of weight, like heavy snow loads. Solid covers also keep things out, plus they don’t allow water to pass through. Mesh covers can let water through, which will make pool water filthy, while solid covers also require a pump that has to be periodically adjusted.
  3. Automatic covers cost between $5000-$15,000. They are outstanding solar covers, and they do a great job of blocking debris. The bad news is the initial cost is high, replacement tends to happen every few years at a cost of $2000-$4000, and there are several parts that have a propensity to break down.