5th Mar 2015

The Aqua Art Difference

Not every manufacturer of swimming pool art produces the high-quality pool art that we do here at Aqua Art. Some pool art is applied with messy adhesives that require long dry times; others, though beautiful, are intricately-detailed mosaics that require lots of time to install, are extremely expensive, and of course, need special cleaning techniques and products and cannot easily be replaced. Our entire focus at Aqua Art is to provide only the very best in pool mats for both residential and commercial pool use. Our custom pool mats are made to deliver not only the very best in memorable images for the bottom of resort and hotel pools but are built to last and to stand up against the damaging effects of water, pool chemicals and the sun itself. We understand the you have a choice when it comes to swimming pool decals and art. And we believe that when you make the choice to display an Aqua Art pool mat, that that purchase should be one you can count on and be proud of. 

pool mats

Aqua Art custom pool mats are easily applied to the bottom of the pool, require no adhesive and can be replaced quickly and easily. Being able to easily replace the pool art when needed is a huge asset to our hotel and resort clients. Replacing a custom pool mat for every corporate event or resort party is both affordable and convenient enough to do several times a year.

Every time you choose pool mats by Aqua Art, know that your purchase was manufactured with the utmost care and the highest standards. Shop our extensive in-stock collection now.