11th Feb 2016

The History of Mosaic Art

People have been utilizing the use of mosaics for swimming pool art for decades now but mosaic art itself dates back thousands of years to Mesopotamian times. Thousands of mosaic art pieces from around the globe have existed for ages showing the popularity of mosaic art across cultural lines. Modern mosaic artists are no less skilled at creating mosaic pieces than their historic counterparts and are utilizing more and more varied materials within their masterpieces. Mosaic art consists of small pieces of stone, tile, glass or other materials arranged by size and color to create an image.

With applications for mosaic art ranging from home, office and church decoration to embellishments in everything from jewelry to swimming pool art, mosaic art continues to bring wonder and awe to the art world with its intricacy and detail.

A real swimming pool art piece done in mosaics can be fairly expensive that requires much planning and detail. Aqua Art custom pool mats allow art enthusiasts to add a touch of beauty to their pool quickly, easily and affordably. Available in a variety of sizes and decorations, Aqua Art mimics the look of mosaic art without the high cost, the major inconvenience or the need for an artist skilled enough to attain the look that you want. Our pool art pieces simply sink gently to the bottom of your pool providing a custom look instantly.

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