9th Oct 2016

Tips For Planning An Event And Growing Your Business

At Aqua Art, we know a little something about small businesses. We started as one, and now we’re all about selling custom pool mats and funky pool art. You know your business, like a shark, requires constant forward momentum. If you’re planning a company event, there are ways to have a great gathering and keep your company growing.

Keep reading for a few helpful tips to boost your company and have a great gathering.

  • First, what’s the objective of your event? Do you want to generate revenue by offering special rewards or desirable information? Do you want to boost traffic to your place of business, website, or both? Do you want to demonstrate knowledge through seminars and potentially create sales leads? If you’ve got a primary objective that you’re focused on, it will help to guide you through the various stages of planning.
  • Plan out the basics of your event. How will people get there? Where will they park? Will there be refreshments, and if so, what kinds? Where should guests register, and should they bring anything with them? Once you know the big details, finer details will fall into place.
  • Unless you want to be the only person at the event, you need to market, and you need to be creative about it. Use as many social media sites as possible. Email blitzes can be highly useful. Partnering with other small businesses or vendors can open your company up to brand new potential clients.
  • Want to really accelerate attendance or ticket sales? Incentives. Food and drink can turn an event festive. Door prizes or raffles can get people interested. For people who register early, maybe they receive a prize or a discount.