6th Oct 2016

Tips To Make Small Business Events Great

Creating a memorable small business event doesn’t just come out of nowhere. It requires planning, teamwork, and more than a little creativity. For example, our custom pool mats can be made with your company logo, which will create a compelling decorative centerpiece. The success is all about the details.

Read on for a few handy planning tips for your next event.

  • The first question to ask yourself is: who’s your target audience? Are you entertaining the troops, wooing investors, or putting on an elegant shindig for upper management? Once you figure this out, the format, location, pricing, and everything else will inevitably come together.
  • Details, even small ones, matter. Make a list of everything. Consider lighting, transportation, program content, food. By making a list, you won’t forget anything. Then, when the event goes off without a hitch, you get to take the credit.
  • Before booking the event, check the calendar. You don’t want to schedule it too closely to popular vacation times or holidays. Be sure to check the schedule of the venue. Your event should be special, but it won’t be if you’re competing with other events.
  • Be aware of your limits before getting serious with planning.How much prep time is available, and what’s your budget going to be? With only a week to plan, an intimate event is best. With several months, you can schedule a gala. But with a small budget, be ready for a lot of DIY or be ready to downscale.
  • Just like in business, flexibility is key. Don’t get too locked into a concept or a venue, because if things change, and you can’t change with it, you may find that someone else will be handling event planning.