8th Oct 2016

Tips To Make Small Business Events Great-Part 3

Our custom pool mats are extremely hot sellers, and it’s no wonder. We love working with small businesses and helping to make their next gathering a little more unique. If you’re planning the next event for your company, you might feel a little overwhelmed. No worries, just take a breath, relax, and check out these easy tips to help make a good event great.

  • Delegating responsibilities will help increase the odds of projects getting done and reduce the odds of a migraine. Better yet, assign tasks to people that enjoy the subjects. If you have a team member that’s a foodie, let them handle catering. When people like their responsibilities, they’ll obviously do a better job.
  • If you’re partnering with vendors, work with those who are familiar with small businesses and small business culture. Better yet is a vendor that has worked with a company in your particular field or one handling an event similar to yours.
  • Visualize the event in your mind. Make a list of everything that could possibly go wrong. Your lighting system goes on the fritz, or your keynote speaker decides to not show up at the last minute. Then, formulate contingency plans.
  • As much as we love planning for every eventuality, sometimes a problem will appear out of left field. Blaming is a waste of time. Just roll up your sleeves and get ready to lend a hand, whatever the issue is
  • Finally, remember that since you’re planning the event, attitude is everything. With a good attitude, your team will work harder and smarter, your attendees will have a better experience, and if things go sideways, you’ll be able to roll with it.