11th Oct 2016

Why Swimming Lessons Matter

Let’s say you’ve just had a pool installed. Toys have been acquired, swimming pool art has been put in, and now you’re ready. Well...almost ready. You’ve got kids, and maybe you’re worried about them getting slightly too close to the deep end. It’s a simple problem, with a simple solution. Signing your kids up for swim lessons, and maybe a few yourself, is one of the best long term decisions you can make.

Read on to learn a few of the benefits of swim lessons.

  • Regardless of the age of your child, water safety is critically important. Sure, there’s a degree of vulnerability to all kids when they’re in water. But when they figure out that first doggy paddle, and they learn to float on their own, that creates a surge in their confidence. Plus, they’ll learn how to be safe around water, and those are skills they will carry for a lifetime.
  • For a multitude of reasons, America is in the midst of an obesity epidemic. But regular exercise is one of the best weapons in the fight against fat, and you’re hard pressed to devise a full body exercise that’s better than swimming. By becoming and remaining fit, your kids will be at a lower risk of diabetes, and all the other health risks associated with obesity simply won’t be an issue.
  • It seems like one of the things that every kid will experience is an injury. They’ll all get scraped knees, bumps, and bruises, but occasionally a knee will be hurt, an ankle sprained, or a back pulled. Swimming is an excellent form of physical therapy. Whether we’re discussing kids or adults, swimming is a great way to stay active while recovering.
  • Along similar lines, if you want to get strong and stay strong, swimming is a marvelous way to do it. Strength training is all about resistance, and the fact is, water provides much more resistance since it is over 10 times denser than air. Plus, with every stroke you take, you strengthen legs, core, glutes, arms, and shoulders.