Posted by Admin on 20th Apr 2016

The Canvas that is the Bottom of Your Pool

Some see the bottom of a swimming pool and think "Can I hold my breath long enough to reach it?" Others think "Oh, how I hate cleaning that thing." Others think.... well... there are some who thi …

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Posted by Admin on 11th Apr 2016

The Champions of Swimming Pool Art

It's only sensible that as the leading manufacturer of swimming pool art in the US, that we should be fans of aquatic sports. We're even bigger fans of collegiate and amateur swimming events when our …

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29th Jan 2016

Which In-Ground Pool Is Right For You?

Let’s say you’ve decided to take the plunge, so to speak, and invest in an in-ground swimming pool. You can just imagine cooling off on a scorching day, admiring your custom pool mat, building memorie …

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26th Jan 2016

Vetting Your Swimming Pool Builder

For decades, there has been one aspect of home ownership that is a surefire sign that you’ve made it. An in-ground pool. You might be dreaming of just that, sparkling blue water, friends and family ga …

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11th Nov 2015

Planning The Perfect Staycation

For many of us, ultimate relaxation is achieved when we’re feeling warm sun on our skin, a gentle breeze blows our hair, and we feel the gentle lap of water. We’re not talking about escaping to an exc …

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