Posted by Admin on 20th Apr 2016

The Canvas that is the Bottom of Your Pool

Some see the bottom of a swimming pool and think "Can I hold my breath long enough to reach it?" Others think "Oh, how I hate cleaning that thing." Others think.... well... there are some who thi …

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11th Feb 2016

The History of Mosaic Art

People have been utilizing the use of mosaics for swimming pool art for decades now but mosaic art itself dates back thousands of years to Mesopotamian times. Thousands of mosaic art pieces from aroun …

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6th Mar 2015

The Aqua Art Difference

Not every manufacturer of swimming pool art produces the high-quality pool art that we do here at Aqua Art. Some pool art is applied with messy adhesives that require long dry times; others, though be …

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19th Dec 2014

Party by the Pool

Ok. So you had a pool installed for all of the health benefits of swimming. We know. The decision to invest in an in-ground pool was completely based on your desire to create a more health-conscious e …

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